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Whether you’re an avid fitness freak or a complete novice, wanting a performance update or a starting point to begin a new goal, a health assessment is a great way to check your progress.

A single 1-2-1 session with one of our experienced gym instructors will provide you with a pre health assessment test before providing you with an analytical report and personalised programme to gain the results you desire. 

Would I benefit from a Health Assessment?

Not achieving the progress you thought you would? A health assessment provides you with the perfect information to check up on your performance and keep you heading in the right direction. You are provided with expert fitness tips, workouts and exercises that will bring you closer to whatever challenge’s you are trying to achieve.

What does the session involve?

Health Assessments last around 45min - 1 hour and is a one-to-one consultation with an instructor. The assessment comprises of various health related tests such as BMI (body mass index), body fat percentage, blood pressure, lung capacity and a short cardio vascular cycle test to attain overall fitness level.

At the end of the session individuals will receive a printed analytical report along with a personal exercise programme. 

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Interested? Don't forget that you can experience your very own Health assessment at your fitness 1-2-1.

Physical assessments are arranged by appointment only. Please contact us for more details.