Pool > Lessons > Stages 1-7

Comprised of 7 distinct stages, children go from the use of swimming aids, to being able to confidently swim unaided. The stages are outlined in detail below:


The use of aids is permitted
  1. Enter the water safely showing a walk in, swivel and jump in entry
  2. Move forwards, backwards and sideways a distance of 5 metres in each direction
  3. Scoop the water and wash face, put face in water and blow bubbles rhythmically three times. Show understanding of inhaling and exhaling
  4. Push and glide from wall on front and back - Stand up
  5. Travel 5 metres on front
  6. Travel 5 metres on back
  7. Working with a partner either a) throw and catch a ball, b) see saw bobbing, submerging under water, c) follow my leader, copy what partner/teacher does
  8. Demonstrate an understanding of pool rules
  9. Exit the water safely

NPTS Stage 2 - FROGS

    The use of aids is permitted throughout this stage apart from the last item.
    1. Travel 10 metres on front
    2. Travel 10 metres on back
    3. Push and glide, tuck, stretch
    4. Push and glide, log roll
    5. Star float, front and back
    6. Demonstrate an understanding of breathing in and breathing out
    7. Introduce Breaststroke Leg Action
    8. Introduce Back Stroke Leg Action
    9. Introduce Front Crawl Leg Action
    10. Swim 5 metres on front and back - No Aids

    NPTS Stage 3 - STARFISH

      Final assessments should be without use of aids.
      1. Jump in from poolside and submerge (min depth 0.9m)
      2. Sink, push and glide on front. When surfaced, roll onto back.
      3. Push & glide on the back. When surfaced, roll onto front
      4. Travel on the front, tuck to rotate around the horizontal axis to return on the back
      5. Fully submerge to pick up an object
      6. Answer correctly 3 questions on the Water Safety Code
      7. Travel 10 metres on the back attempting all types of leg action
      8. Travel 10 metres on the front attempting all types of leg action
      9. Swim 10 metres basic Breaststroke, Backstroke and Front Crawl

                    NPTS Stage 4 - SEAHORSES

                      Main Pool
                        1. Demonstrate an understanding of buoyancy
                        2. Perform a tuck float (Mushroom) for 5 seconds
                        3. Perform a sequence of changing shapes (minimum of 3) whilst floating at the surface
                        4. Push & glide from the wall to the pool floor
                        5. Using a float, kick 10 metres Backstroke and Front Crawl. Kick Breaststroke on front and back. Kick 5 metres Butterfly, front and back - no float
                        6. Swim 10 metres Breaststroke, Front Crawl and Backstroke with basic breathing.
                        7. Perform a head first sculling action for 5 metres in a horizontal position
                        8. Travel on the back and roll in one continuous movement onto front
                        9. Travel on the front and roll in one continuous movement onto back
                        10. Introduce treading water practices leading to competency in deep water

                                          NPTS Stage 5 - SEALIONS

                                          1. Perform a horizontal stationary scull on the back
                                          2. Perform a feet first sculling action for 5 metres whilst horizontal on the back
                                          3. Perform a sculling sequence with a partner for 30-45 seconds to include a rotation
                                          4. Tread water for 60 seconds
                                          5. Perform 3 different shaped jumps into deep water
                                          6. Swim 10 metres Backstroke showing effective breathing
                                          7. Swim 10 metres Front Crawl showing effective breathing
                                          8. Swim 10 metres Breaststroke showing effective
                                          9. Swim an undulating dolphin kick on front, side and underwater
                                          10. Perform a handstand and hold for a minimum of 3 seconds
                                          11. Perform a forward somersault, tucked, in the water
                                          12. Demonstrate an action for getting help

                                          NPTS Stage 6 - SHARKS

                                          1. Demonstrate an understanding of preparation for exercise
                                          2. Sink, push off on side from the wall, glide, kick and rotate into Backstroke.
                                          3. Sink, push off on side from the wall, glide, kick and rotate into Front Crawl – 1 hand extended, 1 hand on wall
                                          4. Swim 10 metres with clothes on
                                          5. Swim 25 metres efficient Front Crawl with correct breathing
                                          6. Swim 25 metres efficient Breaststroke with correct breathing
                                          7. Swim 25 metres efficient Backstroke with correct breathing
                                          8. Swim 10 metres Butterfly with correct breathing
                                          9. Perform a ‘shout & signal’ rescue
                                          10. Perform a surface dive

                                          NPTS Stage 7 - DOLPHINS

                                          1. Swim 50 metres Backstroke
                                          2. Swim 50 metres Front Crawl
                                          3. Swim 50 metres Breaststroke
                                          4. Swim 1 width or half a length of efficient Butterfly with undulation and an over water arm recovery
                                          5. Perform a movement sequence of 1 minute duration, in a group of 3 or more, incorporating a number of the following skills: Sculling, Rotation, Floating, Eggbeater
                                          6. Perform a dive showing controlled stance, entry and flight
                                          7. Swim 100 metres, using a minimum three different strokes
                                          8. Tread water using egg beater action for 30 seconds
                                          9. Complete an obstacle course (using minimum of 4 objects) with feet off the bottom throughout.