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Important: Please read these conditions before signing a course application form as they may affect your legal rights.


For all courses must be made on the appropriate form obtainable from the cash desk at the address below.


For all courses must be made at the time of application, except where a ‘pay by’ date has been implemented.

Waiting Lists

When in operation will be dealt with in strict rotation of receipt.

Data Protection Policy

Please click here to view the Data Protection Policy

Cancellation by the Trust

The Tadcaster Community Swimming Pool Trust reserve the right to cancel any course or session(s) without notice and to vary from time to time the scale of charges.

Cancellation by the customer

ONLY prolonged sickness ( i.e. more than two weeks) supported by a medical certificate will be considered for a refund or credit. In the case of a refund, a 10% administration fee will be deducted.

Disabilities/Medical Conditions

Must be recorded on the application form. The Trust may require written confirmation from your doctor that he/she agrees to your participation in the course.


All accompanying spectators must remain in the appropriate viewing areas and in no way disturb the session, instructor or course members.


All course members must report to the cash desk on their arrival.


Have the authority to remove any individual that has been placed in an unsuitable class and alter the numbers in each class if required.

Injury, loss or damage

All participants entering into sporting events do so entirely at their own risk and The Trust, their servants or agents do not accept liability for any personal injury (except that arising from negligence as defined in section 1(i) of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977) or loss damage to property, howsoever caused.

Please Note: These conditions form part of the contract between the course applicant and The Swimming Pool Trust.